SocialDealer is an automotive Social Media Management (SMM) platform that gives you the ability to leverage Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube and hundreds of other social networks to market your dealership’s brand and inventory to the online community. SocialDealer builds your community from your existing customer base as well as actively pursues online shoppers. It hosts inventory on Facebook, monitors brand reputation, observes the competition, and markets every department within your dealership.

Centralized Social Media Management
With SOCIALDEALER, you can manage your entire social media operation from one location, giving you centralized command of all communications to and from the social media landscape including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Directly Influence Shoppers
With SOCIALDEALER, not only are the conversations among active shoppers brought to you, but you can now easily facilitate direct influence over active car buyers and service customers! SOCIALDEALER is an essential prospecting tool because from all the social media chatter produced on the web, it distills identifiable, live, in-market prospects based on numerous variables, like keywords (your brand, your dealership name, your competitors’ names, cities, etc.).

IOL & CRM Integration
SOCIALDEALER fully integrates with SEO SPORT data and the dealer’s CRM tools. Therefore, the SOCIALDEALER platform allows dealers to drive their social media community right from their existing database, manage their fully functional Facebook application, market their fixed operations department socially, engage with live, in-market car buyers, monitor their dealership’s online reputation as well as their competitors’ online marketing strategy, and publish articles, videos, and auto marketing materials, ensuring fresh and up-to-date online content.

It’s Affordable
In these economic times and with the high cost of traditional marketing, the SOCIALDEALER platform gives you the ability to market your franchise, brand, and dealerships more powerfully than through traditional marketing forums for a lot less money. Instead of spending $400-$500 PVR with traditional marketing media, according to SOCIALDEALER, you can reach hundreds of millions of people—most importantly, those actively car shopping in your markets—while at the same time bringing down your PVR to less than $100 per car and cut overall advertising by 75%.

The SocialDealer platform is comprised of several innovative features, including:

The Dashoard is the heart of the application. It compiles statistics and reports, allowing you to track and manage your social media marketing performance and effectiveness. It is easy to use and fully interactive, so you can focus on specific areas of your social media marketing efforts.

My Community
My Community scans over 150 social networks and identifies where your customers are. Creating social connections locks these customers into the dealership making you a regular part of their lives.

Showroom hosts your dealership’s Facebook inventory. You can view statistics and see which vehicles get the most attention on specific networks. You can match inventory with in-market customers in real time. Showroom also manages individual business pages for key staff at the store, expanding the personality and reach of the dealership to appeal to more buyers.

With SocialDealer, you can easily find and engage with in-market buyers by marketing inventory to people looking for a specific model. You can also increase fixed operations by seeking out customers in need of an oil change, vehicle service, or even a particular part.

Now you are able to keep your community informed and boost fixed operations by sending recall notifications and service reminders as a direct message to owners.

Brand Monitoring
SocialDealer keeps an eye on what is being said about the dealership anywhere online. It then pulls that information into a single screen for easy review and response.

Social Library
You are able to source industry-related articles and post them directly to your social network. Keeping these pages fresh and up to date will turn the dealership into a go-to and referable resource for your social community.

Lead Manager
Lead Manager tracks leads originating from vehicle landing pages. Linked with your CRM, Lead Manager shows you active, in-market shoppers and how to connect with them.

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