Jonathon Hewitt

Jonathon Hewitt


Jonathon Hewitt

My name is Jonathon Hewitt and I am the founder of a company named SEO SPORT, we are an automotive website design and inventory marketing company that specializes in car dealer websites. I am highly interested in working closely with car dealers to make a drastic improvement in the functionality, performance and design of their website and inventory. I have almost a decade of automotive experience selling cars for a GMC dealer in Florida where I was awarded the title of Salesman of the Year for 7 years in a row. Almost the entire time that I was selling GMC trucks I was also maintaining the role of Internet Manager and was placed in charge of making changes to the dealership’s website as far back as 2001. I listed our dealership on Google Maps back in 2005 on my own and had already purchased all the good domains in the local area, redirecting them to our site.

Today I have a company that just last year did over a quarter of a million dollars in sales of car dealer websites and SEO services. In the last 8 months our company has made some major innovations to our website and inventory platform that put us neck and neck with the best in the business. I have even further updates that are on the drawing board that would make an even greater improvement on our inventory platform and could very well put us on the map.

If you would like to contact me directly you can either email me at jon @ seosport dot com or you can learn more about me by connecting with me on my various social networks below:

In real life, I am a dedicated single father of two incredible little girls. We love to travel and enjoy our family time together.
Jonathon Hewitt Family

Jonathon Hewitt & Children

Thank you for taking the time to read about me, my family and my company. I enjoy what I do and take great pride in the value that I bring to car dealers by improving the online car shopping experience of the all-mighty car buyer. The online road-to-a-sale is my passion and my company’s future is based on the ultimate fact that through our constant dissatisfaction with the way that things are has become the single most powerful driving force behind everything that we do.

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