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Using the right combination of automotive inventory management tools combined with the proper ongoing support and training can become a savior when you are trying to improve the organization and productivity of your dealership, however when you combine the fact that a dealership’s car inventory search is perhaps the absolute most important part of a dealer website and has the ability to drive the most amount of traffic, paying attention to this is key. SEO SPORT can become your single sign-on solution for all of your car inventory and online needs, this is one of the absolute top-of-the-line and most SEO-friendly online platforms to keep your inventory managed and displayed with rich-information for those would-be car buyers out there! With the many different automotive searches that people are used to filling out on the web it is important to have a search function for your dealerships inventory that makes it super user-friendly and functional. In order to have your inventory search functionality bring you more car leads it is best to have lead capture forms in the most effective places on your browse and car detail pages. Although a dealer website cannot actually sell a car for you, it can be a great tool and help to bring car leads to you that are already thinking ahead about your next steps in the road to the sale!

Working from within a dealership and being held responsible for making sure your website has continuously updated inventory can be a difficult task sometimes if you happen to be the go to guy for that at your dealership. There are always those times that you have a tent sale and need all the used car pricing turned off on the internet, or if you happen to have sold a vehicle on the lot for more than what you have it listed on the internet for but its only because you had to over-allow for his trade-in in order to even remotely make a deal that made sense to put on the board, to the point where literally where the customer seeing the price on the internet could cost the dealership a car deal. That price needs to get changed asap!

I know, I have spent over a decade talking about this very same process. My name is Jonathon Hewitt and I am the founder of SEO SPORT. With almost a decade of car sales experience combined with many of those years where I was assuming the role of Internet Manager I have dealt with car dealer websites for years and there has always been that gap between the inventory management controls and the website or content management systems (CMSs). We are here to close that gap and make it affordable for car dealers to manage everything to do with their entire website, inventory and blog all in one simple easy to use, open-sourced platform that can even be easily managed from a mobile phone.

SEO SPORT is an inventory marketing and hosting company made up of dealer websites specialists who primary focus is to use the most advanced automotive search engine optimization and website design techniques in the industry to sell more cars on the internet. We can provide your dealership with a one-stop-shop for all of your inventory hosting, marketing and design needs along with SEO, website design, internet marketing, social media optimization and blog management. All under one roof! Our company has competitive priced packages for single rooftop and dealer groups that can provide a great return on investment (ROI).
Inventory Hosting

Inventory Hosting

Inventory Hosting from SEO SPORT creates search engine-aggressive inventory landing pages for your website. All vehicle display pages are dynamically generated using the latest SEO technology, allowing you to get high search engine rankings with no additional effort! Search Engine Optimized Vehicle Landing pages are automatically generated and updated daily for every vehicle on your lot. VIN-decoding in conjunction with strategic use of advanced SEO concepts allows your dealership to dominate SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and rise above the competition. Setup your Inventory Hosting Today!

Inventory OnlineInventory Online

Tired of updating your online inventory on multiple websites? Upgrade to IOL Pro and let webIOL do the work for you! Top Internet Departments across the country rely on IOL Pro to turn their Online Inventory into powerful Online Marketing! Manage your entire online inventory from one centralized location, you can Create emotional advertisements for every vehicle on your lot, get Premium VIN Enhancement with stock photos, Multimedia upgrades include video presentations and 360 Walk-A-Rounds, Import/Export data conversions, eBay Ad Generator and IOL Auction Manager, Email Ad Generator, CARFAX vehicle history report look-up (requires CARFAX account), Print your own window stickers & buyers guides, Free trials and distribution to various SEO SPORT marketing partners

Craigslist Auto-Posting Tool

cargigi-autosAre you tired of dealing with posting your inventory to Craigslist? Messing with pictures and dealing with Craigslist’s posting rules? Well SEO SPORT has found the solution for you! We can set your dealership up with the most powerful solution which is a fully automatic Craigslist posting tool for car dealer inventories. Yes, you read it right! No-matter how many vehicles you have in-stock Cargigi’s automated tool will keep ALL of your inventory posted to craigslist at ALL times! You can see an explanatory video as well as read more about our Craigslist auto-posting automobile software as well as sign up!


SocialDealer is an automotive Social Media Management (SMM) platform that gives you the ability to leverage Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube and hundreds of other social media networks to market your dealership’s brand and inventory to the online community. SocialDealer builds your community from your existing customer base as well as actively pursues online shoppers. It hosts inventory on Facebook, monitors brand reputation, observes the competition, and markets every department within your dealership. Find out more about SocialDealer Today!

Price AnalysisPrice Analysis Tool

Knowledge is POWER! Compare your webIOL inventory prices to the current internet listing price of more than 2.5 million vehicles nation wide, with integrated Kelly Blue Book values. Use this new FREE feature of IOL Pro to see how corresponding vehicles are priced on the Internet. Expand or Narrow your search by; Exact Trim Level, Selling Price, MSRP, Internet Price, New or Used Vehicles, Distance from your location, Days in stock or Vehicle mileage. This pricing analysis tool is Free for IOL Pro Subscribers! To learn more about signing up for Integrated Price Analysis Tool, simply contact us today!

Video OnlineVideo Online

Convey emotion, professionalism, and your unique flair on every online vehicle listing with Video Online! Live video upload also available, now with iPhone and Droid mobile upload capability. Want to create a live vehicle walk-around for those gems whose details just need to be seen to be appreciated? You can create live video for any vehicle for display on your website or online classifieds and upload it right from the lot And, you can try it FREE for 30 days! See first hand how dramatically this high quality video product can increase your business. This offer won’t last forever, so contact SEO SPORT about your Video Online today!


Join over 25,000 franchise and independent dealers, brokers, and wholesalers who use OPENLANE for their wholesale inventory needs-and do it from within IOL! Now, SEO SPORT inventory dealers can publish selected used vehicle inventory on OPENLANE’s Open Auction to sell their available wholesale vehicles to a nationwide audience of more than 25,000 franchise and independent dealers on a 24hour basis, seven days a week. IOL users now have a quick and seamless way to wholesale aged, pre-owned inventory on OPENLANE’s Open Auction with one click, saving time and money and providing maximum exposure for vehicles for sale. Find out more about OPENLANE and what it can do for you!


ActivEngage’s live chat is a powerful first-party lead generator, providing leading edge communications technology, service, and support. ActivEngage understands automotive online retail and provides an offering that’s specifically suited for the needs of consumers. These are not automated, robotic messages which will do more damage than good. ActivEngage chats can automate the first few volleys (greeting, name exchange, nature of the inquiry, etc.), but within a few seconds, a live salesperson from your dealership takes over. “Shop With Me” technology enables controlled co-browsing so you can lead shoppers around your site, explaining things so that you remain in complete control! Stay on top of your website traffic with activEngage!

eBay MotorsEbay Motors

For the first time ever, auto dealers may participate in eBay Motors Local Marketplace referral program for a per-referral fee… with no flat monthly fee! eBay is one of the Top 10 most trafficked websites in the world, and has an active community of 90+ million loyal eBay buyers looking for your late-model vehicles! More than 3.9 million passenger vehicles have been sold to date on eBay Motors, as of Q2/ 2010! Best of all, if you don’t generate anything, you don’t pay for anything! Get eBay Motors Today!

Sell more cars with less effort with high quality leads from, one of the premier auto shopping sites. Edmunds leads have among the highest closing ratios, yet this pay-per-lead program ensures you only pay for leads you get. is the most visited automotive site for consumers earning over $100,000 as well as for people with investment portfolios of $250,000 or more. Best of all, these leads are only from, not diluted with leads from other sources, so you know they’re all the quality you expect! Go ahead! Sign up for Today!


It is estimated that over 80% of consumers keep their mobile device with them all day long. Furthermore, studies show that consumers in the 18 to 30 demographic communicate even more frequently with each other via ‘text message’ than with a ‘phone call’. In order to effectively connect with this growing ‘Mobile Society’, dealers must embrace new marketing strategies that will place their message directly into the hands of consumers nationwide. Start your GoText with SEO SPORT Today!


Time is money! Every day a vehicle is “on your lot” and NOT “on the Internet” can cost your dealership significant money. The days of updating your online inventory (ads) just once or twice a week are long gone. Some of the top e-Dealers in the country have figured out how important it is to create Emotional Ads for every vehicle on their lot, and update those ads (inventory) every day! SEO SPORT’s webIOL makes this process extremely easy, but it just got even easier! Introducing the IOL 2Go Mobile Lot Management System. With IOL 2Go you can automatically match vehicle photos with vehicle data, make all necessary data corrections, add options and option packages, create emotional vehicle descriptions, even print window stickers and buyer guides right from the lot. Learn more about IOL 2Go!

IOL Craigslist Posting 2.0 ToolIOL Posting 2.0

Creating and posting listings or auctions is now easier than ever with IOL Posting 2.0. With a few simple clicks, this powerful tool lets you develop online vehicle postings directly from your webIOL account. Classifieds and auctions are an excellent way to represent your dealership and inventory. This convenient, eBay tool will help turn your online listings into powerful lead generating machines! Our history reports displays a vehicle’s popularity, Customizable templates for online posting, Add, delete and reorder photos for a vehicle directly from webIOL, Full control over type of auction, auction details and listing upgrades, Work sales leads in real time, Insert YouTube videos into your eBay auctions and Search Engine-friendly Title & Description generators and more!

Window StickersWindow Stickers

Why hire a lot management firm to make new window stickers or buyers guides? Save big money by printing full-color, custom window stickers and buyers guides directly from your IOL account. Grab the attention of your visitors with attractive stickers and guides from SEO SPORT. Create new window stickers with a few simple clicks, Re-order stickers with 24-hour sticker reorder delivery, Print batch stickers directly from webIOL and Design templates for multiple stickers or guides.


Intensifies mental ownership & speeds your sales cycle by driving consumers into the active purchasing process with you! GetAutoAppraise, powered by NADA Guides, gives shoppers on your dealer site the ability to receive a trade-in value for their car within your value ranges. This powerful tool is the psychological step missing on most dealer sites that takes consumers into the active purchasing process. GetAutoAppraise captures valuable buyer contact information and creates exclusive, high quality leads. Comprehensive dealer reports enable you to better manage your inventory, your website, and your customers. GetAutoAppraise Today!

Oodle ProOodle Pro

Many dealers present their inventory just to their existing Facebook fan base. Now, with SEO SPORT’s IOL Oodle Pro, your inventory is exposed to millions of Facebook Marketplace users as well as your fans. Comments on your listings from the Facebook Marketplace’s 11 million unique monthly users lend instant credibility to your brand and get your inventory in front of their 200+ friends and networks. And, each time one of their friends comments, your inventory is then presented to that person’s 200+ friends and networks–and on and on! Plus, with SEO SPORT’s IOL Oodle Pro, all listings in the Marketplace and social interactions (“Likes” and comments) are tied back to your fan page.


There is a huge difference from placing a non inter-active form there for people to fill out on your website compared to one with streaming video that walks the consumer through every step of the credit application. Not only do you set your own approval credit criteria but we also have a Spanish version available for those of you who would like to employ both English and Spanish. With our Get Pre-Approved in Seconds credit application customers can get pre-qualify in seconds with an instant online approval.

There are many products and services that we offer so if you don’t see what you are looking for don’t worry we probably offer it. One thing to note is that most car dealer inventory hosting companies along with lazy website design companies choose to display your inventory through an iframe or “frame-in” to save time and effort (and knowledge) on their part. Having a framed in car inventory page can slow down load times, never displays perfectly and can be confusing with the double scroll-bars that it usually causes. SEO SPORT takes the extra measures to display all vehicle inventory without using any iframes or framed in pages. We can fully integrate your websites design right into your inventory pages improving your customers search experience, branding your company more and thus increasing your lead count. So what are you waiting on? Go ahead and get an Inventory SEO Quote Today!

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