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Is your dealership spending thousands of dollars per month on 3rd party lead providers? Are you slashing your front end gross profit to pieces for your automotive lead prospects just to beat the other local dealers that your lead company sold the same lead to? (or maybe you are and you just don’t know it!) Does this really make any sense at all for your dealership’s bottom line? Well, our team here at SEO SPORT does not think it makes any sense at all and we have an easy solution for you to consider… What if your dealership’s own website was Self-Lead Generating, and generated a higher number of even higher quality leads than you’re used to and more than you could purchase from your 3rd party vendors? Leads generated by your website statistically have a much higher car sale closing ratio, higher front-end and back-end profits, lower trade ACVs (actual cash values) and a higher level of Completely Satisfied (we all know what that means!) customers. So then the question is how can you get your car dealer website to generate more of those stone-cold auto-buyers as leads? The answer is even simpler than you may think! Just keep reading!

Who we areSEO SPORT is an automotive SEO and custom car dealer website design company focusing in the ongoing development of car dealership websites and inventory display and navigation along with the implementation of the most highly advanced search engine optimization techniques in the SEO industry. With over a decade of direct automotive internet marketing experience combined with our extensive background in custom website design we provide each of our auto dealer clients with a fully customized SEO strategy for their individual rooftop and dealership brand needs. While most of today’s automotive website companies are going after the masses, the SEO SPORT team has taken a completely different approach with our focus on quality of service along with results and not quantity of dealers. Our company strives to make each of our clients #1 in their markets by making their automotive website, new and used car inventory listings and all online content and media to stand out from their competition’s content and inventory. Not only do we get your website to rank for the most significant and powerful key-words in your local automotive market but SEO SPORT goes after the complete domination of your competitors. Online. This business has no room for nice guys and takes some serious thick skin to lead that pack! They say its lonely at the top but the way we look at it is if you’re not #1 then your 2nd place, and 2nd place is the 1st looser!
What we doThe SEO SPORT Team takes a highly active approach to search engine optimization while remaining safe from being banned or blacklisted by any of the major search engines like Google or Bing. With our focus on a websites use-ability and the ease of navigation for your customers and online visitors, our fully customized car websites will convert a higher number of your website visitors into high quality car leads for your internet salespeople to follow up with and sell a car!! Once your website is complete it will be fully customized and ready to convert a higher volume of traffic into leads. We get to work immediately on your off-site SEO and start the work building your website as an authority on the internet, greatly improving your rankings in the various search engines. Our team leaves no leaf un-turned as we optimize for not just Google search, we also target various image search engines, blog search engines, social media search engines(like Twitter and Facebook), Rss search engines and most importantly… Mobile Search Engines!
Whats the bottom line?We are extremely confident that we can not only improve the quality and quantity of your dealership’s lead prospects generated from your website and inventory marketing efforts as well as the overall online buying process that you currently have while saving your company money, a true Return on Investment (ROI). As your search engine (SE) results page rankings (SERP’s) improve, so will the quality level of your organic leads, as this begins to occur you will have the ability to lessen or completely cut-out all of your 3rd party lead providers such as Autotrader.com, Cars.com and Cobalt(usedcars.com) and even your Pay Per Click (PPC) Budget with Google!! The bottom line is that when you sign up with another one of these 3rd party lead provider companies, they create and place their websites in DIRECT COMPETITION WITH YOURS! They target your DEALERSHIP’s NAMES in their title’s and they GET LEADS OFF OF YOUR WEBSITE’S TRAFFIC AND THEN SELL THE LEADS RIGHT TO BACK TO YOU! Over and Over and Over again! How long are you going to let this happen? How long will you let these companies continue to SCREW you? After you hire SEO SPORT…. Not very long!! Go ahead and get an automotive SEO Quote Today!
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