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Dealerships have a definite need to place their content into a website that can be easily read on a mobile device such as a Blackberry, iPhone, Palm OS, Tablet PC or iPad. Without giving people a separate website that is optimized for fast download speeds on a wireless device, you are initially forcing any mobile internet surfers to experience extremely long download speeds thus forcing them to find another website, after all I am sure that there is some local dealer that offers their customers a mobile website to search inventory and read about the dealership.

SEO SPORT offers a fully functional mobile website that is fully customized and branded to your dealership. Our mobile websites are highly descriptive and easy to navigate as we provide optimized inter-linking of important pages on each mobile site that can increase your level of optimization. Easy to read text, highly descriptive tool tips(title text), conveniently placed text links, images that link to proper pages, footer and header links along with allowing people to always stay one click away from the homepage; these are the attributes of a fully SEO optimized mobile website.

Car dealers have highly unique demands from their websites which is obviously due to the demands of the all mighty car buyer. Many website design companies will pass off a car dealer and hope to get 10% commission instead of going through the “headaches” of dealing with a dealer website, especially a mobile version too! Well that’s where SEO SPORT comes in paying a great deal of attention to detail on the many different aspects of a dealer website. We make sure your customers can easily perform just about any task they could on your regular website such as; Search New and Used Car Inventory, Apply For Financing, Contact Your Dealership, Schedule a Service Appointment and Apply for a Job.

SEO is a small phrase that means a lot of things. The true meaning of search engine optimization is to “optimize” your website content for the search engines. While the meaning is all clear as far as that phrase goes but what if we look deeper into that small 3 letter phrase that means so much? What if we look further into the meaning of optimization? Many of you may know but true optimization of a website and its content is not all just for search engines. In all actuality optimization of a website can include optimizing the images that display on a websites pages to help with load times and increase the amount of traffic that can be generated by various image search engines. You must optimize your websites to be viewable on a mobile website for those would-be car searchers. SEO can also include some server management and changes to improve the amount of resources that your website hosting packages have to work with. All of this is done to improve the overall performance of a website to better convert traffic into leads.

SEO SPORT is a dealer SEO company that specializes in the implementation of the most highly advanced form of search engine optimization currently in the automotive industry. We take a full examination of your website and competitors, strengths and weaknesses. Then, depending on your budget, we compile a full blown market attack and “shock” the local car business online market with killer content and keyword-rich links combined with some powerful blogging and the use of our highly skilled SEO team to constantly push high quality content out on the web to high page rank websites. This service is not for the weak hearted and takes quite a bit of passion to develop a winning strategy, if you are seriously interested in speaking with us further please place a request for an SEO Quote Today!

If you would like to see the mobile version of this webpage about Car Dealer Mobile Websites and mobile inventory.

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