BC Hyundai is a dealership in Tupelo, MS that was purchased in 2010. The prior dealership (Blackmon Hyundai-Mazda) had sold between 25 – 40 units per month including new and used car sales. We don’t know exactly why this dealer didn’t sell very many cars but what we do know is that the prior dealership had a $0 advertising budget and along with it came a non-exhistant website and internet presence and a very small list of previous customers.

  1. Project History
  2. Dealer Website Homepage
    1. Vehicle Inventory Pages
    2. Horizontal Inventory Search Bar
    3. Inventory Drop Down Items
  3. Vehicle Search Help Pages
  4. Employee Pages
  5. Facebook Integration
    1. Facebook Footer Integration
  6. Refer a Friend Page
  7. Overall Goal

Project History

SEO SPORT was hired directly prior to the dealership’s purchase and only had 6 days to complete the entire website design, setup and implementation of their new and used inventory before the grand opening of the new dealership. Needless to say this was a difficult deadline to meet and knowing how important a dealership’s website was, we felt all the pressure was on our team here at SEO SPORT to pull through. 5.9 days later we made bchyundai.com live on the web complete with fully indexed inventory, a fresh website design and even complete with mobile website versions! Our team immediately got to work on the SEO and got this website crawled and indexed by Google within 3 days and started recording traffic immediately.

The month prior to becoming Barnes Crossing which we will call ‘BC’ for short, the dealership had sold 26 new and used cars, the 1st month the dealership was open they sold 41 cars. After completing their second full month in business they sold 83 units! That’s more than Double the sales!!! In 60 days! That’s not even the half of it.. In September of 2012, two years after opening the store, the dealership sold a whopping 363 units!! Today, the Hyundai, Mazda and used car dealer consistently sells in excess of 300 new and used cars per month! SEO SPORT cannot take anywhere close to full responsibility¬†for the huge success of BC Hyundai Mazda, for they are run by a highly respected and extremely professional ownership and management staff that continuously invests a great deal of money into the local community of Tupelo, which combined, assists in their success, but being the fact that their website is at the center of everything they do and has been created and marketed to facilitate all of their external communications, we are also part of their success. Here is a quote directly from their Internet Manager:

“I cannot lie to you, we are selling A LOT of cars off the internet!”

Chace Garrison – Internet Manager

Dealer Website Homepage

BC’s website was custom built on WordPress and here is a screenshot of their homepage:

BC Hyundai Homepage

BC Hyundai Homepage

Vehicle Inventory Pages

One of the most functional and unique aspects to their website comes with the level to which the inventory has been integrated into their WordPress dealer website allowing for visitors to quickly and efficiently search through their available inventory of new and used cars. Here is a screenshot of their vehicle inventory browse page:

Inventory Browse Page

Dealer Inventory Browse Page

Horizontal Inventory Search Bar

For easier searching through the WordPress-powered menu and inventory pages we have created a customized inventory search bar that allows easy drop down selection of vehicle makes, models and price range to would-be car buyers searching the dealers website. Here is a preview of the sideways inventory search bar:

Vehicle Inventory Search Bar

Horizontal Vehicle Inventory Search Bar

Inventory Drop Down Items

Normally a person searching through a dealerships inventory would have to make multiple clicks in order to select the make, model and/or other options using the drop down method such as the search bar above, whereas the drop down menu items in the main menu just pop out with a simple hover of the mouse.. So why should we not be able to search through a dealerships inventory on hover of the drop downs? Well we should! And now you do! You can sort by price, make, fuel economy, type, payment and more thus bypassing the need for multiple clicks! Here’s the screenshot of it in action:

Inventory Drop Downs

Inventory Drop Downs

Vehicle Search Help Pages

Why not have help pages for people searching through your dealership’s inventory? Our thoughts exactly! So we have created multiple help pages that can catch prospective car buyers searching through your cars. Here is a screenshot of one of our help pages:

Inventory Help Pages

Inventory Search Help Pages

Employee Pages

Utilizing WordPress posts we have created custom employee page templates for each of the various departments within their dealership operation. Each employee has his/her own page on the website which allows visitors and previous customers to leave comments and feedback. Here is a screenshot of their main employee page:

Employees Page

Dealer Employees Page

Facebook Integration

The new way to communicate these days is on Facebook, we share ideas, discuss things that matter to real people and find great deals on Facebook’s social networking platform. This is exactly why we have fully integrated Facebook with this dealership website. Here is the screenshot of our FB page:

Facebook Integration

Facebook Integration WordPress

Facebook Footer Integration

Why not leave visitors with the ability to actually Like the dealership’s fan page right from the footer of the website, on every page of the dealers website? Well we figured we might as well, so here’s a screenshot of the footer and you’ll notice on the left side there is a Facebook Like button.. in the middle there’s a Google+ 1 button, a Tweet button and a reviews icon linking to their custom reviews page! Nifty!

Facebook Integration Footer

Facebook Integration Into Footer

Refer a Friend Page

We wanted to come up with a way to better track referrals and who sent them to make sure that everyone who is entitled to a bird dog fee, gets one. We also wanted to incentivize people to actually bring their friend or family member into the dealership so we came up with a page where you can easily refer a friend. You can see the page screenshot here:

referral page

Refer a Friend Page

Overall Goal

Our goal with this project has been to create a unique set of content and provide a positive user-experience for all and to assist in a positive automotive purchase experience. If you have any further questions about this project or what we could do for your dealership you can contact us directly anytime. Back to Top

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