Dealer Website SEO

Dealer Websites that are fully optimized for SEO are very hard to come by and most of the automotive SEO companies out there are outdated with their limited SEO efforts. Even the highest ranking dealership websites are not doing everything that they could be doing to top their competitors on a Google search. After-all what would it be like if you could have 5% of your competitor’s website traffic? What if you could have 10%? Even better what if you could have 10% of ALL OF YOUR COMPETITORS WEBSITE TRAFFIC?? What would that do for your sales? If this interests you in any way… Read below!

Design Functionality

A functional website design can mean the difference between a website visitor leaving your website immediately and inquiring about a car they want to buy. An SEO SPORT website design is a custom crafted completely functional automotive website that has the flexibility that is needed to inhibit the many different call-to-actions that dealers need to have in place to promote website leads. With the proper placement of a call-to-action item on a website you can improve your conversion ratio by multiple times its normality.

Look & Feel

When we design our websites our focus is not only with performing well in a search engine but also looking good while doing it! SEO SPORT makes sure to provide each of its websites with a simple and easy to navigate menu items along with eye pleasing hover effects, active menus, bread crumbs and many other items that can contribute to a person having a positive user experience while they are on the website. With the ability to enable enhance a persons user experience you can increase your traffic to lead conversion ratios. This comes standard with an SEO SPORT dealer website design!


Exactly what gets looked at on the web and what doesn’t? How can you make sure that your content gets looked at by the same people that have the ability to buy a car from your dealership? SEO SPORT puts the answer to that question in black and white every day on each of our different clients website’s by putting our clients website on the brink of the web’s fresh content, the very content that search engines look for when crawling the web. By keeping it fresh we are keeping the little Google bots busy, by keeping them busy we are keeping their interest in displaying our websites as results in various searches performed by people all over the world.

Return on Investment

SEO SPORT is selective about what clients we take on due to many factors such as this most important one, our very own client’s return on their investment (ROI). If we do not believe that we can achieve a positive ROI for a customer given their particular budget and market goals then we will not take the client. We also provide a guarantee to each of our clients whom takes advantage of our premium level monthly SEO services; We will not take on another client of the same new car brand within 50 miles of your dealership. Period. Ask another automotive websites company if they can match that promise! If you are interested in taking your dealer website to the next level then go ahead and request a car dealer SEO Quote and get your automotive dealership rockin’ today!

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