Dealer Internet Marketing

Dealerships traditionally use very expensive marketing tactics such are radio, television, and direct mail. While we would never advise a dealership to try to break something that isn’t broken, we do like to provide alternative marketing methods that can reach a wider audience, have less cost, and provide longer lasting results.

Marketing on the web can be done in several ways. The one that will provide the biggest impact over time is going to be ranking your site at the top of the search engines results for all of your major keywords.

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Other ways that Dealerships can market on the web include social media marketing. The most prevalent social media marketing sites include Twitter and Facebook. By utilizing these types of social media outlets, dealerships are able to make a wider audience aware of their current inventory, current specials and ads, and keep an overall buzz going on the web by posting recent sales and testimonials. This is all part of branding your business on the web and increasing valuable traffic to your site which we will convert into qualified sales leads for your dealership.

Another effective online marketing tool is blogging. Blogging serves two purposes very well. The first is that it keeps your potential clients up to date with what is happening with your dealership. It allows your company to brag about what it is doing well and disseminate specials to your target audience. It also generates backlinks to your website which help the site rank higher in search engines.

SEO SPORT is happy to provide a free no obligation evaluation on your dealership or even dealer group. We will analyze your target market, your website, and your competition. With our help you will be able to easily see where you’re dealership’s weaknesses and strengths are. We provide a detailed plan of attack that will skyrocket you above your competition, allowing you to pick up new sales that you were missing out on previously.

Car Dealer Marketing

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