Car Dealer Websites

Car Dealer Websites

Car dealer websites are a very important online portal as it is common knowledge that the vast majority of car buyers out there no longer pick up the phone book when they are looking for a car. Chances are that they will perform all of their car research and even decide which car they are going to buy online. It is a good idea to make your inventory available for people to easily browse and find the information they are looking for online from the comfort of their home.  If they do not find the information on your website, I can assure you they will find what they are looking for on  one of your competitor’s websites or a big car lead companies website. Your website is a chance for you to educate, inform, and sell those potential auto buyers and drive them to complete one of many tasks that will convert them into a qualified business lead and ultimately a closed sale.

We develop custom automotive dealer websites with those exact goals in mind. A Website made by SEO SPORT will:

  • Convert a higher number of website visitors to call, chat online, or complete an online form
  • Deliver leads that are integrated directly into your CMS system
  • Showcase your inventory and allow your potential clients to easily find and share what they are looking for on your website.
  • Showcase your dealership’s specials and incentives, providing even more incentive for your visitors to convert into qualified leads.

These are a few of the very basic benefits of a dealer website for your dealership custom made by SEO SPORT. There are so many additional features that will provide your dealership the tools to separate your dealer from the competition and watch your sales increase. Some of the additional tools we provide include:

  • Live chat support that will help convert your visitors into closed sales
  • Mobile Websites which allow your users all of the same benefits of your main website on their mobile device
  • Clickable maps of your territory that will ensure your dealer’s website is indexed for all of your main keywords in a huge geographic territory
  • Social Media integration to further engage your potential customers over the long haul
  • Indexed inventory that will show up in the search engines under your dealership’s domain
  • A host of interactive inventory features that engage and educate the customer about the car they are interested in
  • Integrated blog that will rocket your dealer’s website to the top of search results
  • Custom landing pages that will cause your dealership to absolutely dominate all of your local competitors

We are serious about your success and it all starts with ensuring that your website is 100% SEO-Optimized and takes full advantage of every possible technology that will put you in front of your customer when they are looking to buy.

We will provide an SEO Quote for a replacement or upgrade from your current dealer website standings. Our absolutely no-cost dealer analysis will provide you with a competitive analysis that will show you what your competition is up to as well as our recommendations for how to improve your rankings and you conversions.

If your trying to view this page on a mobile phone or pda go ahead and visit our mobile webpage about Mobile Car Dealer Websites and automotive website design.

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