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Automotive Search Engine Optimization

Auto Search Engine OptimizationMost car buyers today enjoy searching the internet from the comfort of their home or workplace before they buy a car, as a matter of fact it has been proven that over 91% of car buyers perform online research prior to making their vehicle purchase decision. Automotive SEO is the method of improving a websites organic search results in order to improve search engine referral traffic and of course mainly to achieve those highly valuable “Free” website leads from your increased level of traffic.

By placing your dealership’s website on the front page of Google, Bing and many other social search engines we will be positioning your website in front of a great deal of qualified automotive prospects looking for their next car or truck. With the high level of online competition in the auto business you not only have to outrank your local competition but you must also outrank a lot of 3rd party lead provider’s websites that are prominent on most new and used car searches, in order to have a shot at this you absolutely must hire a professional dealer SEO company!

For a basic outline of what our SEO services and strategies include:

“Our dealership’s website is now a high performance lead generating machine thanks to SEO SPORT! We have been working with SEO SPORT for over a year and a half now and our traffic and leads continue to increase!”

Josh Nacht – Dealer Manager at Charlotte Honda VW

Competitive Analysis

Competitive AnalysisAutomotive SEO is one of the most highly competitive search markets in the online industry, as it is truly an industry within an industry. With dozens and sometimes hundreds of competitors it can become difficult for a dealership’s website to rank #1 on the major search engines. There are other large companies that are targeting your exact keywords and your potential customers are finding their websites in a search that you want to be in. We find the strong and weak links by analyzing your competitors online strengths & weaknesses while looking for opportunities for you. SEO SPORT’s search engine optimization team will take an in-depth look at the level of competitiveness in your marketplace and for your chosen keywords to help you develop the absolute best strategy to reach the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and stay there for a long time to come.

Keyword Research

Keyword ResearchOur SEO Services start off by identifying the keywords your target audience or customer uses when searching for the very products and services that you sell. This is a highly important part of the optimization process. You must reach the right people at the right time to generate a high ROI (Return on Investment). SEO SPORT can help you choose the absolute best keywords based on search volume and relevance to your website, services and products. We carefully plan and target your SEO campaign from the beginning and make sure that it will lead onto much bigger success’s in the future.

Internet Marketing

Internet MarketingMarketing on the web can be done in several different ways, there is PPC (Pay-Per Click), SMO (Social Media Optimization), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Management), SMM (Social Media Management) and many other forms of marketing used on the web today. SEO SPORT provides all of these various forms of marketing but feels that the one that will provide the biggest impact over time is going to be the most cost effective one with the biggest results which is accomplished by ranking your site at the top of the search engines results pages for all of the major keywords in your company’s industry or niche, also known as Organic rankings.

Indexed Inventory

Automotive InventoryMost automotive dealer website design companies use iframes or “frame-ins” to show your vehicle inventory on your dealership website which are not able to be seen by a search engine and looks like a big black hole to them. This can be a bad thing if you are trying to get your inventory out there and actually sell it online! SEO SPORT takes a slightly different approach to our dealership inventory hosting and we actually display all of our clients inventories and make sure it gets indexed right on their very own dealership’s domain name (as it should!). By integrating a dealer’s website and car inventory you are setting yourself as an authority on the web and can generate many more leads that a normal framed-in inventory would. So go ahead and get signed up with our inventory online today!

Inventory Marketing

Inventory MarketingAn inventory search is perhaps the most important part of a dealers website and it all starts off on your dealer website. With the many different automotive searches that people are used to filling out on the web it is important to have a search function for your dealerships inventory that makes it user-friendly and functional. In order to have your inventory search functionality bring you more car leads it is best to have lead capture forms in the most effective places on your browse and car detail pages. Although a dealer website cannot actually sell a car for you, strengthening your inventory marketing campaign can be a great way to help bring car leads to you that are already thinking ahead about your next steps in the road to the sale!

Link Building

Link BuildingBuilding highly relevant one-way links from other reputable websites is an ongoing process that can become overwhelming to the non-expert. We use quite a range of different methods and techniques to attract those high-valued links, and we make sure to get you the right links, to help build your search engine rankings. Our SEO team works hard to build you a well-rounded link strategy that includes various kinds of inbound links that can help you be competitive. With focus on high-relevancy, high-quality links and are one of the absolute most important factors in the determination of how high a website can rank on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Traffic Analytics

Traffic AnalyticsA winning content strategy is extremely important to online success. Search engines index new and unique content, which means there is a lot of SEO value to optimize your Web copy. However, the final product needs to be more than just content for search engines. Good copywriting will not only help to increase your rankings, but aids in converting your visitors to paying customers. Our writers produce professional, unique content that delivers a clear and optimized marketing message to both search engines and users.

Lead Generation

Lead GenerationNewsworthy items can spread extremely fast over the Internet, and you can easily target the audience that is interested in your message. Online PR is an efficient and less expensive route than traditional public relations. Online press releases also add SEO and website optimization benefits by sending traffic and links back to your site. We can help you announce new developments in your company and make the most of the SEO and PR benefits.

Conversion Ratio

Conversion RatioA local search typically includes a location modifier on a keyword and is used by customers seeking a business or product in their area. When these types of searches are performed, the search engines will often pull a geographic map of local business listings with important contact and directional information. will help you optimize your local business listings for these geographically focused searches. Local search advertising specifically targets local consumers ready to buy a certain product or service. A higher percentage of these customers will purchase once they’ve found the locations where they can do business near them.

Social Media SEO

Social Media SEOSocial Media has become the absolute best place for content discovery on the world wide web today! Between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace, the web has been changed forever!

Mobile Website SEO

Mobile Website SEOWith the development and recent improvements of smart phones, mobile search engine usage is increasing in popularity. Optimizing for dealer mobile sites solicits a unique strategy that facilitates quick and easy viewing of the most important information about your business.

Video SEO

Video SEOModern search engine optimization can include a range of multimedia strategies to build rankings and drive traffic to your site. Search engines provide video results on related keywords. We will help you develop a multimedia campaign that complements your SEO efforts and allows you to reach a broader audience by optimizing videos for search.

Blog SEO

Blog SEOSearch marketing campaigns should be by closely and regularly analyzed. SEO SPORT will set up analytics reporting on your site and then offer professional consultation and recommendations on how to take advantage of the data. We examine all the relevant metrics and data related to your site visitors to determine what keywords and search engines are driving the most traffic, and what changes need to be made to your site to increase relevant traffic and conversions.

SEO Services

SEO ServicesAt SEO SPORT, we believe in being completely accountable to all of our clients. We provide detailed search engine optimization services including everything you will need for a successful website project. Most dealers get caught up just buying the leads from 3rd party lead providers that get sold out to 5 other dealers and never actually think of trying to generate their own leads. This can be a costly mistake but don’t let this discourage you in the least because if you are reading this than we can tell you that you have already taken the 1st step necessary to top your competitors on the web. Search Engine Optimization is a combination of an optimized website design that has a high grade of use-ability and user functionality combined with a large scale search marketing campaign strategy to drive highly qualified car leads to your website.

The days of throwing up some balloons for a tent sale and  paying for your dealership’s monthly “nut” are over and the days of online user experience have just begun. Today, websites with a strong social media and search engine presence are converting a higher number of leads per visitor than any website ever before! People’s buying habits are being changed by the leading online authorities right before all of our eyes. Search engines are adapting their search algorithms to weigh heavily on social media content and pages that have a prominent presence among popular social media websites. Changes are happening right now! Where is your online content getting promoted? Are your website and dealership marketing providers aware of the changes that are going on with Google today? Do they have a plan in place to take advantage of these changes? If you have a company currently providing you with seo services, make sure to ask them if they go for long tail keywords, or if they go for short tail terms? And if so can they give you a list of both long and short terms that you rank in the top 5 results? If their answer is that they go for long tail terms or a mixture of long tail terms and short tail terms, end the discussion immediately and contact SEO SPORT!

No matter what your answers turned out to be, there are always some major improvements that can be made to your websites search marketing strategy. There are even more improvements that can be made to your website that can generate more leads for your dealership. There are more cars to sell out there with social media, with search engine optimization, with indexed inventory but one thing you must know before you get too far ahead of yourself is, there are a lot of rookies out there in the automotive websites and online marketing companies that will try to steer you in just about every direction they can to get a sale. You need to find a company that will shoot you straight and give you the meat and potatoes of what types of results to expect and how long to expect them.

Most automotive seo companies out there today seem to want to keep their customers as uneducated as possible to avoid needing to put fourth additional effort on their clients behalf. At SEO SPORT we feel somewhat different about it, from our point of view due to the fact is that you can do a lot more with an educated client that you can with an uneducated client because they are on the same page as you. We develop relationships with our clients and we listen very carefully to our clients, so therefore we know exactly what to do and we know exactly what they want out of their website and marketing efforts. We work very hard to cut our clients a great deal and still provide them with high quality services on top of the fact that we make sure that we have allotted an ample amount of our company’s resources to work on each and every one of our clients websites on a case by case basis. We make sure that every dealership client we take on has room for growth in their local market(we have not found one yet!). It will assure you to know that here at SEO SPORT we guarantee that we absolutely will NOT take on another dealership client of the same new car brand as yours within a 100 Mile Radius of your dealership!

SEO SPORT is a car dealer seo company that specializes in optimizing car dealership websites for search engine result pages using popular highly qualified key terms. With over a decade of automotive experience combined with a decade of internet marketing and SEO experience we have what it takes to provide you with results that you can take to the bank! We provide our car dealers with the most comprehensive seo strategy on the internet today and help bring them car sales on a daily basis! Are you next? Make sure to call or email us for a SEO Quote Today!

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