ActivEngage’s live chat is a powerful first-party lead generator, providing leading edge communications technology, service, and support. ActivEngage understands automotive online retail and provides an offering that is specifically suited for the needs of automotive consumers. These are not automated, robotic messages, robotic offerings will do more damage than good. ActivEngage chats can automate the first few volleys (greeting, name exchange, nature of the inquiry, etc.), but within a few seconds, a live salesperson from your dealership takes over.

“Shop With Me” technology enables controlled co-browsing. “Shop With Me” technology lets you lead shoppers around your website, explaining things as you go-a powerful online presentation where you’re in complete control! Now you are able to create a true online sales process with steps to complete the sale! Chat Monitoring with “Whisper” technology allows managers to coach sales representatives. Managers can monitor their reps’ chats and offer suggestions in the same chat screen to enhance the conversation and move it further along the sales process.

This is NOT about instant messaging! It is ALL about chat intelligence! ActivEngage offers chat intelligence to help you identify ready buyers and maximize your time spent with them! Imagine watching an up look at several vehicles on your lot before stepping inside–AND knowing what they have looked at before even arriving on your lot, where they live, and more. Ability to view visitors on your website in real-time and watch as they shop around your site.

  • What do they check out?
  • Where do they linger?
  • What pages do they revisit?

See the search words a shopper used to find your website and the referring URL. Proactively invite your shoppers into a conversation and deliver just the right message using the same language they used searching online. First time visitor or returning visitor, with current and previous click paths. Reviewing shoppers’ browsing histories is like having a printout of every webpage a consumer visited to prepare your sales pitch, before they visit the dealership. GEO/ IP-targeting to identity if the shopper is local, or even a competitor checking out your website. Location gives you insight into your approach, or if want to give more aggressive pricing to a shopper outside of your local market.

Proactive Chat Engagement offers variable, automated requests to chat. Active invitations and passive chat options encourage visitors to chat when they are ready. Add Live Chat to your social media strategy!  ActivEngage allows you to add live chat on Facebook, in email signatures, in the dealership newsletter, and other online communications.With ActivEngage, incorporating live chat–and chat intelligence–in the overall marketing plan is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to increase website lead generation and sales! Easy to use! Easy to set up! To learn more about signing up for ActivEngage, simply complete the form below.

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