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41 Automobile Manufacturers on Twitter Listed By Popularity


The auto-industry on Twitter seems to have expanded a great deal in the last couple of years and there is now a lot more Twitter-awareness among manufacturers as well as their dealers. So I wanted to compile some up-to-date statistics based solely on car manufacturers to begin with before I move onto car dealerships. So here is a list of 41 US automotive manufacturers that are on Twitter. They are listed based on the number of followers each Manufacturer has. I hope some of you auto industry tweeps find this list useful!

  1. Mercedes-Benz (@MBUSA) – 70,605
  2. Ford (@Ford) – 58,757
  3. Lexus (@Lexus) – 55,535
  4. Toyota (@Toyota) – 44,091
  5. Audi (@Audi) – 43,282
  6. Volvo (@VolvoCars_US) – 30,457
  7. Chevrolet (@Chevrolet) – 25,033
  8. Jeep (@Jeep) – 23,926
  9. Volkswagen (@VW) – 23,602
  10. Tesla (@TeslaMotors) – 17,585
  11. Honda (@Honda) – 16,098
  12. Nissan (@Nissan) – 15,826
  13. Chrysler (@Chrysler) – 15,683
  14. Porsche (@Porsche) – 14,918
  15. Dodge (@Dodge) – 13,232
  16. Hyundai (@Hyundai) – 11,712
  17. Aston Martin (@astonmartin) – 11,667
  18. Ford Trucks (@FordTrucks) – 11,252
  19. Subaru (@subaru_usa) – 10,944
  20. Range Rover (@RangeRoverUSA) – 10,794
  21. Smart Car (@smartCar) 10,737
  22. Mazda (@MazdaUSA) – 8,370
  23. Fiat (@fiatontheweb) – 8,301
  24. Cadillac (@Cadillac) – 8,021
  25. Scion (@scion) – 7,385
  26. Infiniti (@infinitinews) – 7,126
  27. GMC (@ThisIsGMC) – 6,957
  28. Renault (@Renault_Live) – 6.211
  29. Acura (@Acura_Insider) – 5,753
  30. Mitsubishi (@mitsucars) – 5,587
  31. Lotus (@lotuscars) – 5,572
  32. Mini (@mini) – 5,152
  33. Buick (@Buick) – 5,145
  34. Jaguar (@Jaguar_UKPR) – 5,071
  35. Ram (@RamTrucks) – 4,566
  36. Land Rover (@Land_Rover_News) – 4,191
  37. Saab (@saabnewsroom) – 4,161
  38. Kia Motors (@KMA_PR) – 3,746
  39. Peugeot (@PeugeotNews) – 3,193
  40. Suzuki (@SuzukiAuto) – 3,111
  41. Ferrari (@ferrariusa) – 515

You can follow Jonathon Hewitt (@gohewitt) and SEO SPORT (@seosport) as well as Google+ to for future updates related to the automotive industry.

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Google Analytics Beta V5 Released To The Public?

New Google Analytics FaviconIt looks like we have just seen the roll-out of the new Google Analytics Beta V5 Update come to our account today! Being that it is currently in closed beta I would assume it will be launched for the public soon. Well, to go over the basics; This update included changes to Layout, Conversions, Goals Overview, Reports, Traffic Sources, Custom Dashboards, Custom Gadgets, Custom Reports and additional Exporting features were added. Google’s graphic design team even came up with a brand new favicon for Google Analytics as well which you can see to the right, Google is really stepping it up! You can see in the screenshot below that the redesign is from the ground-up:

Google Analytics Beta V5

Google Analytics Homepage - Beta V5

This update seems to give you quite a bit more functionality and easier navigation. I like the fact that they have included a section for their latest blog updates to their Google Analytics Blog, clever. As you can see in the screenshot below the reports are similar but cleaner and simplified functionality throughout with Google Analytics’s new user experience:

Google Analytics Updated Reports

Google Analytics Beta Updated Reports

There seems to be the ability to create and customize your own dashboard and create custom widgets for the type of data that you would like to be displayed on your own personally customized analytics dashboard. Just over a month ago there was an in-depth post about Google Analytics V5’s beta┬ároll-out done by an Analytics / AdWords expert in the UK named Alistair Dent. As you can see in the screenshot below the custom widgets are fairly simple to create:

Widgetized Google Analytics Beta

Google Analytics Beta Widgetized

These updates are great and all but understanding the limits of which you can use all that Google is offering with their Google Analytics product is another story! But you can read another interesting post that covers Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels also talks about the new rollout of V5 and gives marketers a guide to using these “Funnels” properly. I think this is a great update by Google and I look forward to using it in the upcoming weeks, what are your thoughts?

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