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Automotive Dealer Twitter Lists

Here is a list of automotive dealer lists on Twitter. I actually started working on this post on May 7th, 2011 but never actually finished it. Although some of the figures left in the text description are a little out-dated, I still see a value in publishing it for people looking to find more Twitter users in the automotive Twittersphere. Let me know if you find this list useful by leaving a comment in the comments section below.

Acura Dealers

Our list of Acura Dealers on Twitter

acura dealerships@Acura_Insider is Acura’s official Twitter account and is followed by 4,939 people and listed a total of 276 times. This channel is powered by Alison with Acura PR (@sbTNTgal). @AcuraClientCare is Acura’s Customer Service channel. Acura is barely-busy on Twitter and just to prove it take a look at their @acuracanada Twitter profile where they have 550+ followers but are following ZERO people! Which is why they are the only Twitter account listed here that is not a text link. Either way they also need to get more active dealers to join the Twittersphere.

Audi Dealers

Our list of Audi Dealers on Twitter

audi dealers@Audi is Audi’s main Twitter account and is very active on Twitter even taking advantage of Twitter’s sponsored tweets. With a grand total of 34,446 followers and being listed 1,030 times I would say that Audi of America is taking Twitter very seriously. This Twitter stream is managed by @andywhitedc, @bradstertz, @ltmayers, @thepaulmeyers, Lexi & Doug. They also have @Audi_Online which is labeled the “Official twitter channel of Audi Online Marketing.” My opinion is that Audi as a brand is doing a good job by paying close attention to Twitter but there are very few of their dealerships that have even claimed their Twitter usernames for their dealership’s.

BMW Dealers

Our list of BMW Dealers on Twitter

bmw dealersThe BMW brand is headed up by their corporate Twitter account @BMWGroupView and comes in with stats of only 4,500 followers and is listed a total of 148 times. BMW puts out its updates on zero emission vehicles with their @BMWi account with 2,100 followers, all of BMW’s Motorsport Tweets go out under @BMWMotorsport (32,500 followers, listed 1,850 times!), all of BMW’s motorcycle enthusiast updates go out under @BMWMotorad and the official BMW USA Motorsport communications channel is @BMWNA_Racing coming in at just under 4,000 followers. Overall BMW is doing ok at their Twitter ad campaign but it’d be nice to see BMW find more to talk about and post some more tweets from each of their accounts, some have only about 100 tweets under their belts!

Buick Dealers

Our list of Buick Dealers on Twitter

buick dealersBuick has a couple of Twitter accounts that are active in the Twittosphere; @Buick of course is their main account with over 5,000 followers, listed over 300 times they seem to be somewhat busy with their 1,300+ tweets. Their @BuickWarranty Twitter account is for their warranty department and comes in with 1,800+ followers and follwing over 2,000 people. @GMCustomerSvc covers Twitter for all of GM’s various brands for overall customer service and satisfaction and has 2,900 followers while following 2,200 people.

Cadillac Dealers

Our list of Cadillac Dealers on Twitter

cadillac dealersCadillac seems to enjoy tweeting a bit with their @Cadillac Twitter stream being followed by almost 8,000 tweeters and listed 460 times. They also have their @CadillacCulture Twitter account which keeps people up-to-date with Cadillac’s events and sponsorships and comes in with a whopping 812 followers! I would say that Cadillac could use some help of some sponsored tweets to help get their brand out there in the open a little more than they are with basically one Twitter account.

Chevrolet Dealers

Our list of Chevrolet Dealers on Twitter

chevrolet dealersChevrolet has multiple Twitter accounts and Adam Denison (@AdamDenison) is the official Social networking guy for @Chevrolet on Twitter, with over 23,000 followers and getting listed almost 1,100 times I would say Adam is doing a fine job! They run @ChevyVolt and of course their corporate Twitter account @GMblogs which is hooked up to their GM Blogs website as well as a nice short and sweet @GM account that has over 27,000 followers and has been listed almost 1,700 times! Their Twitter account was on hand to help answer questions and clear up misconceptions during a GM loan hearing.

Chrysler Dealers

Our list of Chrysler Dealers on Twitter

chrysler dealersChrysler’s official Twitter channel of @chysler and @chyslerautos is carefully managed by Ed Garsten, Mike Driehorst, and David Elshoff of Chrysler and has over 15,000 followers and has been listed 763 times! This is one of my favorite auto manufacturers on Twitter as not only are they quick to follow you back, re-tweet your tweets (if you post something they like) and they will also respond to you in a real conversation! Now that is what I call a well-managed Twitter campaign!

Dodge Dealers

Our list of Dodge Dealers on Twitter

dodge dealersDodge’s official Twitter profile is @Dodge, this account has over 13,000 followers and has been listed in excess of 460 times. To the best of my knowledge this account is being managed by the same great group of guys that are managing @Chrysler, @RamTrucks and @Jeep Twitter profiles as well. Dodge also has their @TeamDodge profile which is designated “Official Twitter home to Dodge Motorsports” and comes in with just under 2,000 followers and being listed over 100 times.

Ford Dealers

Our list of Ford Dealers on Twitter

ford dealersFord Motor Company’s main account is @Ford (58,500+ followers / 2,400+ listed) which  is represented by Scott Monty (@ScottMonty) and they frankly admit that using Twitter is part of a company PR strategy to humanize the large and almost iconic brand, Ford. Ford’s social media strategy is by far the most advanced in the automotive industry as they have a separate Twitter account for Ford Customer Service (@FordCustService) and also @FordFocus, @FordFiesta, @FordDriveOne, @FordTrucks, @FordDriveGreen, @FordMustang and @FordRacing. Ford states they plan on expanding their Twitter presence. My advise to Ford would be to get more involved with your dealers Twitter accounts, help to support them and get them up and tweeting in a way that adds value for people all across the country on a much larger scale. I speak from experience with this as I was the one who started up the @SarasotaFord Twitter account, got it listed in every single Twitter directory on the web and got it up to over 2,000 followers in the 90 days that I worked at Sarasota Ford in 2008. At that time I had their dealership’s Twitter account to the most followed Ford dealer on Twitter. At the time @Ford only had 6,000 followers and I used to @mention them all the time, I would RT their tweets and send them DM’s but no-matter what I would do they not once @mentioned me back or thank me for the RT. I will mention one Ford dealer who would always show RT love and support @MyAtlantaFord. As it looks now @MyAtlantaFord is the #1 most followed Ford dealer now.

GMC Dealers

Our list of GMC Dealers on Twitter

gmc dealersThe GMC Trucks brand is represented by @ThisisGMC and backed up by @GMCWarranty an account for warranty and recall information along with GMC news and is hooked up to their GMC Extended Warranty website. The @ThisIsGMC Twitter account has 6,900 followers and is listed just over 300 times while their @GMCWarranty account has 1,950 followers and is only listed 24 times. I think the GMC brand should have gone with a more clear and defined username for their main Twitter profile similar to that of the Dodge Ram when it broke away as its own brand they chose the username @RamTrucks, I think GMC should have gone with @GMCTrucks as their username as more people would know exactly who they were right off the bat. This username seems to be taken but there is no active profile there and I’m sure that GMC Trucks has some kind of rights to the name so I am sure they could get that username from Twitter fairly easily.

Honda Dealers

Our list of Honda Dealers on Twitter

honda dealersHonda’s official Twitter profile is @Honda and is run by Alicia Jones (@Alicia_at_Honda) and she states that though Twitter is only a small part of her job that she follows up personally when she responds to tweets directed at Honda. This @Honda account comes in with over 15,000 followers and has been listed a total over 800+ times but with Honda only following 427 other tweeters it seems that Honda is treating Twitter more like a bulletin board than a place to be conversational. Honda Customer Service is @HondaCustSvc on Twitter and has just 515 followers. I can definitely say that I have helped out Honda’s presence on Twitter by starting up the @pcautomall Twitter account which remains active and has over 1,642 followers and has a Klout rank of 43!

Hyundai Dealers

Our list of Hyundai Dealers on Twitter

hyundai dealersHyundai’s lead Twitter account is @Hyundai and has tweeted over 2,900 times incurring over 13,000 followers and has been listed over 600 times as well. They seem to be an active group and are following over 9,000 other tweeters including most of my automotive Twitter accounts. This main account for Hyundai USA and Hyundai Motor Company is managed by @chosford1 and @train816. I respect the brand Hyundai and I respect the value that they add to Twitter! Keep up the great work guys! To add a note; when I took over working on Oxmoor Hyundai’s website and SEO I found that an old disgruntled employee owned their Twitter username and I didn’t want to sign up with a OxmoorHyundai1 or with an underscore_ account or anything like that I wanted the real deal, @OxmoorHyundai so I somehow tracked the guy’s cell phone number down from some other guy I didn’t even know and then called him continuously for 3 weeks until he gave up the Twitter account that I was after.  I also was part of starting up @bc_hyundai for my friends selling cars in Tupelo, MS. So I am proud to say that I was a small part of Hyundai’s Twitter presence :)

Infiniti Dealers

Our list of Infiniti Dealers on Twitter

infiniti dealersInfiniti’s official Twitter page for news and media updates is @infinitinews and is tied in with their Infiniti News blog. Their main Twitter account has gathered up over 8,000 followers with only 1,600 tweets and only has been listed 376 times. Infiniti USA’s Twitter account doesn’t seem to be very transparent as they do not let us know who runs and maintains their Twitter feed and they don’t even have their own blog, they just use Nissan’s. I would say that as a whole Infiniti could use some serious help with their efforts on Twitter.

Jaguar Dealers

Our list of Jaguar Dealers on Twitter

jaguar dealersJaguar’s official Twitter profile is @InteractiveJag and has just under 3,000 followers with over 2,300 tweets and has been listed 126 times. Overall they have one of the fewest dealer counts on Twitter and I do not believe that they really have a marketing program related to Twitter at all. 50% of most of the Jaguar tweeters out there are from Europe. I would love to see Jaguar re-brand themselves on Twitter and see a lot more active dealers, but that maybe a long shot for Jag.

Jeep Dealers

Our list of Jeep Dealers on Twitter

jeep dealersJeep‘s official Twitter page is @Jeep and actually has some pretty good stats… Coming in with over 27,000 followers and being listed over 700 times. It seems that Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler have come up with their own version of #FF or #FollowFriday that they call #MoparMonday and it seems to be working ever so slightly. You’ve got to give it to the Chrysler group for coming up with something original! Nice job Chrysler!

Kia Dealers

Our list of Kia Dealers on Twitter

kia dealersKia Motors America‘s main Twitter profile is @Kia and has almost 3,000 followers on Twitter and has been listed just over 100 times. They have over 2,000 tweets and a great deal of it is conversation with other Twitter users, which is good and is a lot more than some of the manufacturers out there! They also have @KiaCommunity which serves Kia dealers, Kia employee’s, Kia owners and Kia suppliers.

Land Rover Dealers

Our list of Land Rover Dealers on Twitter

land-rover dealersLand Rover‘s main Twitter account for the USA is @InteractiveLR which comes in with 3,700 followers and has been listed over 130 times. As it seems their @LandRoverUSA Twitter profile is for Twitter discussions and is linked directly to their Interactive Land Rover site. With over 1,300 tweets we would say that Land Rover is definitely no newbie at the Twitter game but could surely benefit from some more Twitter marketing to increase their following count and maybe a little branding help by using their @LandRover Twitter account so they can be a little more clear and defined. For whatever reason, they have not decided against using Twitter in that respect.

Lexus Dealers

Our list of Lexus Dealers on Twitter

lexus-dealers-175Lexus‘s Twitter account is @Lexus and has a whopping 162,891 followers and has been listed over 700 times! With almost 2,000 tweets I can say that Lexus is very busy on Twitter and is constantly talking with fellow tweeters about their brand. Lexus of UK has its own official Twitter handle @OfficialLexusUK but doesn’t seem to share the same activity on Twitter with only 1,000 followers and under 250 tweets. I think this shows that the people of the United States really love Twitter!

Lincoln Dealers

Our list of Lincoln Dealers on Twitter

lincoln-dealers-175Well folks, we have a manufacturer that doesn’t feel like having a Twitter account for their brand, Lincoln. They must have felt that due to the fact that they are Ford Motor Company and they have a gazillion followers for that account, that Lincoln was not important enough to have one. Our above list of Lincoln dealers on Twitter has about 50% of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers that haven’t even uploaded a profile pic yet! So needless to say, I don’t think for plans on keeping Lincoln for a long time and probably wants everything to become under one brand name: Ford!

Mazda Dealers

Our list of Mazda Dealers on Twitter

mazda dealersMazda USA‘s main Twitter account is @MazdaUSA and comes in with over 10,000 followers and has been listed almost 500 times. The unique thing about Mazda’s Twitter team is that they follow just about everyone who follows them or tweets about the car business. Smart! That is why they are following over 9,500 people! Great Job Mazda! I am responsible for starting up the @OxmoorMazda Twitter account as well as the @bc_mazda account. So yes I have helped that brand out on Twitter also :)

Mercedes-Benz Dealers

Our list of Mercedes-Benz Dealers on Twitter

mercedes-benz-dealersMercedes-Benz main Twitter account is @MBUSA and comes in at the top for the #1 most followed automobile manufacturer on Twitter with over 71,000 followers! Surprisingly they have only been listed by 360 times which leads me to wonder how they got that many followers since December 8th, 2010 when they joined Twitter. Very impressive with only 1,440 tweets they must be saying what people on Twitter want to hear! Great job Mercedes-Benz! Although you could afford to follow more than 58 people :)

Mercury Dealers

Our list of Mercury Dealers on Twitter

mercury-dealers-175Well folks we have yet another national brand that is not marketed on Twitter other than the 35 dealers that I found and listed, Mercury. Our assumption just as we stated when we could not find a corporate Twitter account for their Lincoln brand was that they have placed so much focus on @Ford that it speaks volumes about where they see their company emerging out of this automotive craziness the market has gone through in these last few years. I believe they plan to phase out or almost phase out their Mercury and Lincoln brands sometime in the future.

Mini Dealers

Our list of Mini Dealers on Twitter

mini dealers

The list we have for Mini Cooper dealers only has 15 accounts that I could find, we will continue to search for more but as it seems Twitter is not a major place for advertising or networking for the brand.

Mitsubishi Dealers

Our list of Mitsubishi Dealers on Twitter

mitsubishi dealers

As it seems there are only forty two members on Twitter who are Mitsubishi dealers. We will keep on the lookout for more but at this time, nobody’s tweeting for Mitsubishi!

Nissan Dealers

Our list of Nissan Dealers on Twitter

nissan dealers

The Nissan dealers are fairly prominent on Twitter, a Nissan dealer tweets approx. every five minutes or less and with over 150 of them I would say most of them are active Twitter accounts.

Porsche Dealers

Our list of Porsche Dealers on Twitter

porsche dealers

Porsche on Twitter, well they’re not on Twitter. Enough said.

Rolls-Royce Dealers

Our list of Rolls-Royce Dealers on Twitter

rolls-royce dealers

There were no verified Rolls-Royce dealers that were on Twitter.

Saab Dealers

Our list of Saab Dealers on Twitter

saab dealers

There were forty member of the Saab dealer community on Twitter but most of them were a part of a dealer group. Saab does not have a very big prominence on Twitter.

Scion Dealers

Our list of Scion Dealers on Twitter

scion dealers

The Scion brand on Twitter is headed up by their main account @scion coming in with just under 800 tweets and over 7,000 followers has made it onto 243 Twitter lists so far and their Canadian counterpart @ScionCanada seems to be busier on Twitter yet has only reached 1,100 followers and 38 lists. The US @scion account is run by Sean Pete (^SP), Andrew Hunter (AH^), and Caley Silao (^CS). Brand Contributors are Steve Gisondi (^SG), Andrew Quillin (^AQ), and Brent Ray (^BR). Scion mentions their website for Scion Owners, Scion’s Facebook account as well as Scion’s YouTube channel. I would say overall that Scion has an ok grasp on Twitter and are busy talking up their brand as they should be. If they asked me where I thought they could improve upon their Twitter campaign is by getting their dealers more active and by adding all of their active dealers to well organized Twitter lists, listed under their main @scion account. Hopefully with time @scion could become one of the Verified Twitter accounts thus raising its brand’s reputation for all of its listed dealers on Twitter and in turn, the web.

Smart Dealers

Our list of Smart Dealers on Twitter

smart dealers

Smart Car USA is headed up by @smartcarusa coming in at around 800 tweets with only 1,400 followers that listed them 73 times. Their Canadian Smart Car counterpart @smartCanada is right behind them with just under 750 tweets with just over 500 followers that listed them 35 times. There is an avid Smart Car dealer out of Annapolis, MD that seems pretty busy on Twitter and worth a mention; @smartoakvillewith over 1,000 tweets and over 2,200 followers! Smart Cars definitely have their presence on Twitter but they are definitely few and far between.

Subaru Dealers

Our list of Subaru Dealers on Twitter

subaru dealers

With 124 members of the Subaru Twitter list we don’t see a whole lot of Tweeting going on, I think they could use some help!

Suzuki Dealers

Our list of Suzuki Dealerson Twitter

suzuki dealers

With only six members of this list, we are not doing too good at finding a Suzuki presence on Twitter.

Toyota Dealers

Our list of Toyota Dealers on Twitter

toyota dealersNow Toyota has a great presence on Twitter with their Toyota Newsroom (@toyotanewsroom) account being very active as well as over 235 dealerships that most of which seem to be active on Twitter as well. Toyota has done a great job of pushing their dealers to utilize their social media channels in full force.

Used Car Dealers

Our list of Used Car Dealers on Twitter

used car dealersThis is our most diverse list of car dealers on Twitter, because everyone sells used cars, we chose the accounts to list as the ones who tweet the most.

Volkswagen Dealers

Our list of Volkswagen Dealers on Twitter

volkswagen dealersWith almost 175 members @VW seems to be doing very well on Twitter and they are tweeting quite often! Good group to follow!

Volvo Dealers

Our list of Volvo Dealers on Twitter

volvo dealers
With 91 members, our Volvo list of dealers on Twitter is doing pretty well comparatively speaking. They seem to tweet quite often and are trying to add value to Twitter users. Bravo!

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41 Automobile Manufacturers on Twitter Listed By Popularity


The auto-industry on Twitter seems to have expanded a great deal in the last couple of years and there is now a lot more Twitter-awareness among manufacturers as well as their dealers. So I wanted to compile some up-to-date statistics based solely on car manufacturers to begin with before I move onto car dealerships. So here is a list of 41 US automotive manufacturers that are on Twitter. They are listed based on the number of followers each Manufacturer has. I hope some of you auto industry tweeps find this list useful!

  1. Mercedes-Benz (@MBUSA) – 70,605
  2. Ford (@Ford) – 58,757
  3. Lexus (@Lexus) – 55,535
  4. Toyota (@Toyota) – 44,091
  5. Audi (@Audi) – 43,282
  6. Volvo (@VolvoCars_US) – 30,457
  7. Chevrolet (@Chevrolet) – 25,033
  8. Jeep (@Jeep) – 23,926
  9. Volkswagen (@VW) – 23,602
  10. Tesla (@TeslaMotors) – 17,585
  11. Honda (@Honda) – 16,098
  12. Nissan (@Nissan) – 15,826
  13. Chrysler (@Chrysler) – 15,683
  14. Porsche (@Porsche) – 14,918
  15. Dodge (@Dodge) – 13,232
  16. Hyundai (@Hyundai) – 11,712
  17. Aston Martin (@astonmartin) – 11,667
  18. Ford Trucks (@FordTrucks) – 11,252
  19. Subaru (@subaru_usa) – 10,944
  20. Range Rover (@RangeRoverUSA) – 10,794
  21. Smart Car (@smartCar) 10,737
  22. Mazda (@MazdaUSA) – 8,370
  23. Fiat (@fiatontheweb) – 8,301
  24. Cadillac (@Cadillac) – 8,021
  25. Scion (@scion) – 7,385
  26. Infiniti (@infinitinews) – 7,126
  27. GMC (@ThisIsGMC) – 6,957
  28. Renault (@Renault_Live) – 6.211
  29. Acura (@Acura_Insider) – 5,753
  30. Mitsubishi (@mitsucars) – 5,587
  31. Lotus (@lotuscars) – 5,572
  32. Mini (@mini) – 5,152
  33. Buick (@Buick) – 5,145
  34. Jaguar (@Jaguar_UKPR) – 5,071
  35. Ram (@RamTrucks) – 4,566
  36. Land Rover (@Land_Rover_News) – 4,191
  37. Saab (@saabnewsroom) – 4,161
  38. Kia Motors (@KMA_PR) – 3,746
  39. Peugeot (@PeugeotNews) – 3,193
  40. Suzuki (@SuzukiAuto) – 3,111
  41. Ferrari (@ferrariusa) – 515

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